Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Power of the Blue Grey

I would like to thank the Blue Grey for an exciting camp / Bowl game season. We look forward to another great year. This year has seen 8 of our clients go to The Blue Grey All American Bowl. Another ten go or were invited to play in other bowl games. As our recruiting season continues to move forward we are seeing a increase in D2 offers and so far we are even at D1 and NAIA. It's still early. please contact us if you have a student athlete you would like to get into our data base for camps. Email your information to


UGR would like to introduce you to Joe Beland of "Joe got Ball's" Joe is or holds the title of OFFICIAL COMMEMORATIVE BALL OF so many teams. schools, groups, and Bowl Games. All Joe's Balls are hand painted signed and registered. Unlike all the knock offs out there Joe does it right and because of it he has painted for the best pro, former pro, gonna be pro players at every level. The newest OFFICIAL title is Joe's got Balls is the Official Commemorative Ball Painter of The BLUE GREY ALL AMERICAN BOWL.  To learn more about what Joe does please visit to learn more or call him at 707 495 6405 . You can even e-mail Joe at I will tell you this , Don't let other companies tell you they do balls for this team or that and don't let them tell you they are the Official Ball painter don't let them even tell you they paint . JOE'S GOT BALL'S IS THE REAL DEAL. VISIT HIS WEBSITE. SEE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. IF YOU WANT ONE DONE RIGHT BY HAND, SIGNED BY AN ACTUAL ARTIEST THAN contact Joe at the numbers or web address we provided.

Thank You Joe for the 2013 championship Blue Grey East vs West All American bowl ball !

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why Recruit Through Academics?


This is the most asked question and it is an easy answer. Universities want kids that will not fall out in June.

They want stronger academics because the athlete’s see the field sooner and get it faster.

They want kids that help them hit their APR bonus money


When a coach AD or recruiting officer see that a student athlete is doing the right thing in class they offer sooner. Schools feel that a student athlete doing the right thing in his Sophomore & Junior year they most likely do it in their senior year as well.

 When they see a student athlete getting solid grades they feel better and hope it will translate to the more advance higher learning.

Last if an incoming student athlete can help the coach reach his APR (a GPA bonus) than all the better. To make this a real goal the NCAA has imposed Bowl or March Madness bans for schools that don’t feel this is important.  


So recruiting through Academics has its place and is becoming the forefront of college recruiting.